Friday, June 29, 2007

100 Angels

There are 100 angels in this world!!

40 r sleeping!!

30 r working!!

20 r playing!!

9 r blessing!!

And 1 is reading this message!!

Send this to 10 people ~!~

If u get 1 reply ...u r poor in relation!!

If u get 2...u need some one to support !!

If u get 3..u r average in nature!!

If u get 4 u r friend to many!!

If u get 5 replies someone luvs u!!

If u get 6 some one really wants u beyond love!!

If u get 7 some one is praying GOD to get marry with u!!

If u get 8 u r so mankind!!

If u get 9 u r worthfull having friend like ME!!

And if u get TEN replies ...

I“m worthfull having friend like YOU!!

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