Monday, July 09, 2007 - The review

As you can see in the site, its a nice site. I like to see this site due to its advantages.

We are reviewing the bollywood gossips – which is a website to gain information about the different types of stories and gossips happened in the bollywood.It gives not only the information from the bollywood.It will also give the story from Hollywood,Malayalam film industry,Tamil,Telengu,sports and politics. You can even got the photos of the celebrities from the site. This site has exactly what I was talking about in that it is a personally managed and has the contact information on the homepage along with a picture that shows credibility in my book!

At first glance of the website, it is very clean looking with a white background that makes the header and category sections very visible to viewers. The font size is perfect as the words seem to flow without interruption to the reader. The layout is nice in the fact that some of the different types of services are available in the right side of the header for easy access. All in all, this site gets an A for having the right elements to be considered very user friendly. I believe that this personally managed bollywood site will do very well says me. I wish you great success! END

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