Friday, July 27, 2007

Create your free Blog without Ads is offering free Blog hosting. You can create you blog on It is giving away 50 MB of space and you can make upto 10 Blogs in one account. There are more than 70 Cool Templates. You can also post from your mobile phone. The Blog you will make will also be without Ads. Here are some features which is offering :

* Make Upto 10 Blogs in one account
* 50 MB of space
* All file extension allowed includin mp3,avi,wav
* Podcasting is allowed
* More than 40 Cool Templates matching your Style
* Best URL given to your blog that is
* Add Freinds
* Send Private Messages to Other Bloggers at Beklo
* Create Mailing List
* Multi Author Feature alowing you to add more Authors to handle your Blog
* RSS Feed Support
* Moblogging Enabled
* IP Banning
* Pinging Feature
* Trackbacks Enabled
* And hundreds of more features ….

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